The Paladini House

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Paladini House

This house was joined with the Palace, the main building, by means of a construction built atop an archway, and housed one branch of the Paladini family. Above the entrance, rebuilt in the 1800s, there was a terra cotta shield featuring the family coat of arms.
The cellars conserve their wall structure for the pressing of grapes as well as the “cooking” of wine, an important part of the antique method of winemaking.
It is divided into 7 units, getting their name from artists working in the area around the XIV and XV century, the period in which the village of Chigiano was formed.

1 Lorenzo Salimbeni
Four rooms apartment, second floor, with wooden ceilings and view of the valley.

2 Iacopo Salimbeni
Four rooms apartment, first floor, with wooden ceilings and view of the valley.

3 Domenico Indivini
Tipical three floors house, two bathrooms. Each room has the view of the valley.

4 Paolo Veneziano
Large one-room apartment. Fine panorama.

5 Lorenzo d’Alessandro
Amazing three floors unit, with large living-room and view of the valley.

6 Giangentile di Lorenzo
Two floors apartment, with large living-room.

7 Girolamo di Giovanni
Mansard unit with balcony among the roofs.

7bis Girolamo di Giovanni bis
Large two rooms apartment with balcony among the roofs.

7 ter Girolamo di Giovanni ter
Big house with autonomous entrance, three floors, three bed-rooms, two bath-rooms, large living-room with balcony among the roofs.

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