Pitino Castle

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Castello di Pitino

If castles competed a noble title, Pitino would have the name of Prince and the others would bow in front of him .

After the At Mount Castle, the historic core of the medieval town, the castle of Pitino has always been, in the history of the territory of San Severino, the most important and, therefore, the most hotly contested. It stands on top of a hill shaped like a cone, 600 meters above sea level, an hill that dominates the valley of the river Potenza.

Painters and musicians, today as in the past, go up there to get inspired by the sound of the wind through the ruins and the flight of buzzards . Perhaps because of this legend has it that at night you hear the poignant notes of a violin or the driving rhythms of drums.

When you arrive at the top of the hill, today you  go through the ancient gateway and you are surrounded by the remains of a magnificent city walls, about 400 meters long and equipped with towers break -trafficking , demonstrating the extent and of the grandeur of the castle. The main tower is more than twenty meters high, even if they are deprived of the embattled platform. Beside the tower there is a small church dedicated to St. Anthony, probably derived from the processing of an environment originally intended for military purposes. The church is decorated with votive frescoes visible on the right wall. It was the site of burial, but, unfortunately, in recent times has been the subject of numerous desecration.

Nothing remains of the original buildings, as the present buildings, including the church, were made in the following centuries and extensively reworked. A few tens of meters outside the walls, in a plateau overlooking the sea, there is only the small rural cemetery, now abandoned.

The visit of the castle of Pitino is always an exciting experience.

In gaze out towards the infinite horizon, trying to recognize places and distant countries, one can not help but be fascinated.

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