Colleluce Castle

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A Castle full of Sun

Colleluce Castle

Some historical studies linking the name of the castle Colleluce to the word Lucus, which in Latin means sacred wood, or the name Lucius, a Roman patrician owner of a land located in the area, or even to Colocci name of an illustrious family of Jesi with properties in site.

At the end of the eleventh century the many religious structures,  spread throughout the surrounding Marche countryside, were also major centers of economic interest and power centers  For this reason often came into conflict with the feudal lords and the local bishops, with tales of deceit and betrayal.

The monastery of San Mariano in Valle Fabiana, who was born in an unknown time as a monk’s cell, was one of these. Around the year 1080, a dispute between the Abbot of Santa Vittoria Berardo and the powerful bishop of Camerino Ugo led to the death the supervisor of San Mariano, named Atto di Benione, perhaps murdered by his own brothers. The bishop, failing to certain agreements, occupied the monastery, destroyed the fort that defended him and erected a new fortress at a distance, on the top of the hill.

Thus was born the castle Colleluce, who dressed so much importance in the history of political, social and military town of San Severino Marche.

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