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A complete restoration of the village is in progress. The idea was simple: restoring the village in a uniform fashion with care to respect the architectural characteristics of the place as well as maintaining and conserving the town without making major structural changes. The group wanted to reconstruct, not alter, the “genetic code” of the village, using antique, consolidated materials like stone, wood, terra cotta, and wrought iron.

Based on the way that it is structured, Chigiano makes it possible for visitors to obtain houses of different sizes and characteristics. The integral aspect of the project is the arrangement of common spaces and the restoration of gathering spots. These spaces make the village an ideal location for those who, tired of the pace of contemporary life, are in search of a refuge. For those who are longing to enjoy that kind of peace and tranquillity, as well as a place that is charged with memories, patiently formed in time, Chigiano offers the perfect escape.

The new inhabitants will not be like those of the past, in that they will not have the same work or the same lifestyles. They will bring themselves here as individuals or families, Italians or foreigners, all searching to rediscover a way of living that is both immediate and comfortable, for long or short lengths of stay, not necessarily linked to a specific season. Here they will find themselves just a short distance from the major means of communication, from the Ancona airport and from the sea. It is even a short distance away from the endless artistic and cultural towns which are spread out and linked throughout Central Italy.

The people who come to Chigiano will share a common interest in the rediscovery of “sense of place” and attention to the importance of family and friendship. While searching for a deep connection with nature, some people will choose Chigiano as a point of departure for healthy and interesting immersion into the ecosystem of Mount San Vicino.
Finally, people will certainly find themselves fascinated with the hilly Marche landscape dotted with villages and castles and perhaps they will decide to choose Chigiano as a permanent home.

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