Chigiano revaluation project

Chigiano Rainbow

The Pink Village (Borgo Rosa) is a Medieval village 600 meters above sea level, in a privileged position among the hills. Inside the village, 6 buildings (2,542 square meters totals), two of which (The Palace and the Paladini House) under total renovation, are ON SALE.

The project includes 12 residential units in the Palace and 7 units in the Paladini House, for a total of  about 2,000 square meters.

Also there are  several plots of land (excellent for the realization of a pool or other facilities for leisure outdoors) for a total of about 2,820 square meters.

The revaluation project offers the possibility of SELLING individual units or the village as a whole. Therefore, this is the ideal site for the realization of an “albergo diffuso”, a resort in the nature, a tourist accomodation or any other project that could enhance the area and, at the same time, take advantage of the local beauty.

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Pitino Castle

Castello di Pitino

If castles competed a noble title, Pitino would have the name of Prince and the others would bow in front of him .

After the At Mount Castle, the historic core of the medieval town, the castle of Pitino has always been, in the history of the territory of San Severino, the most important and, therefore, the most hotly contested. It stands on top of a hill shaped like a cone, 600 meters above sea level, an hill that dominates the valley of the river Potenza. (more…)

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Colleluce Castle

A Castle full of Sun

Colleluce Castle

Some historical studies linking the name of the castle Colleluce to the word Lucus, which in Latin means sacred wood, or the name Lucius, a Roman patrician owner of a land located in the area, or even to Colocci name of an illustrious family of Jesi with properties in site.

At the end of the eleventh century the many religious structures,  spread throughout the surrounding Marche countryside, were also major centers of economic interest and power centers  For this reason often came into conflict with the feudal lords and the local bishops, with tales of deceit and betrayal. (more…)

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