Bernardino di Mariotto bis Apartment

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Chigiano revaluation project

Chigiano Rainbow

The Pink Village (Borgo Rosa) is a Medieval village 600 meters above sea level, in a privileged position among the hills. Inside the village, 6 buildings (2,542 square meters totals), two of which (The Palace and the Paladini House) under total renovation, are ON SALE.

The project includes 12 residential units in the Palace and 7 units in the Paladini House, for a total of  about 2,000 square meters.

Also there are  several plots of land (excellent for the realization of a pool or other facilities for leisure outdoors) for a total of about 2,820 square meters.

The revaluation project offers the possibility of SELLING individual units or the village as a whole. Therefore, this is the ideal site for the realization of an “albergo diffuso”, a resort in the nature, a tourist accomodation or any other project that could enhance the area and, at the same time, take advantage of the local beauty.

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