Pitino Castle

Castello di Pitino

If castles competed a noble title, Pitino would have the name of Prince and the others would bow in front of him .

After the At Mount Castle, the historic core of the medieval town, the castle of Pitino has always been, in the history of the territory of San Severino, the most important and, therefore, the most hotly contested. It stands on top of a hill shaped like a cone, 600 meters above sea level, an hill that dominates the valley of the river Potenza. (more…)

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The Pink Village

Panoramica di Chigiano_Marche-Italy_Village for sale

We are in the Marche region, near the Apennines, only 40 minutes by car from the Adriatic coast and from the Ancona Airport.
Chigiano, in the province of Macerata, is a medieval village rising to an altitude of about 600 metres, in a privileged position for the stillness, the landscape, the extraordinary charm of the territory.

A cluster of stone houses, alleyways, stairs, and underpasses piece the place into a comfortable whole and is softened by the light pink color of the local chalky stone which has been used to construct all of the buildings.
The village is currently in the complete restoration phase and the first units are ready to be delivered.

The restoration process aims to provide progressive recovery of both the private buildings and the public areas. These buildings will be restored to their original splendor and ready for use by the village inhabitants.

The houses are reminiscent of the beauties of a bygone era while still being easily compatible with contemporary life. The apartments have got traditional and, often, original finishes, obviously a result of a careful and faithful restoration process. The initiative is intended for those who are searching for a place with “emotional” value as well as a well-priced investment with secure perspectives.

Houses of various dimensions and types will be available.

Valdiola srl – Frazione Chigiano – 62027 San Severino Marche (MC) – Italy – tel./fax +39 0733 966821 mail: info@myrealestateitaly.com
P.IVA 01252110430

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The Palace

It was the principal home of the Paladini family. The town’s elderly people can still remember the luxurious furnishings and the beautifully decorated walls. It has an “important” entranceway and very valuable interior and exterior architectural elements. All of these aspects of the palace have obviously been restored and improved.
In the underground area below the house, the ancient “caves” have been entirely conserved with their vaults and bricks.
It is divided into 12 units, getting their name from artists working in the area around the XIV and XV century, the period in which the village of Chigiano was formed.

1 Giovanni Angelo
Two rooms ground floor apartment, autonomous entrance.

2 Niccolò Alunno
Two rooms ground floor apartment, autonomous entrance, view of the valley.

2 bis Niccolò Alunno bis
Two floors apartment, autonomous entrance, view of the valley.

3 Maestro di Cesello
Interesting two floors unit, autonomous entrance, four rooms, two bath-rooms, panoramic “loggia”, original architectural elements.

4 Ludovico Urbani
Two floors apartment, autonomous entrance, view of the valley.

5 Vittore Crivelli
Four rooms apartment, second floor, panoramic view.

6 Allegretto Nuzi
Large one room apartment, second floor, panoramic view.

7 Carlo Crivelli
Amazing apartment on the third floor, wooden mansard roof, panoramic view.

8 Maestro di Gaglianvecchio
Interesting house with autonomous entrance, three floors, private courtyard, mansard-room with panoramic view.

9 Pinturicchio
Very charming house, three floors, original arched windows, adaptable use.

10 Giovanni Boccati
Two floors unit, original architectural elements, wooden ceilings.

11 Marchisiano di Giorgio
Two floors unit, original “liberty style” wall decoration.

12 Bernardino di Mariotto
Big apartment on two floors, three bed-rooms, two bath-rooms, beautyful “loggia” with panoramic view.

12 bis Bernardino di Mariotto bis
Big apartment on two floors, two bed-rooms, two bath-rooms, beautyful “loggia” with panoramic view.

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Girolamo di Giovanni Apartment

Mansard unit with balcony among the roofs.

Girolamo di Giovanni Apartment

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Lorenzo D’Alessandro Apartment

Amazing three floors unit, with large living-room and view of the valley.

Lorenzo D'Alessandro Apartment

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